Sunday, November 18, 2012

DIY: Laundry Room Drying Rack

DIY: Laundry Room Drying Rack

I really wanted to save the money and build a laundry rack for Megan.
I knew I could do it with a picture, so I did. Here's my DIY Ballard style Drying Rack.
Here is a Similar one from Centsationalgirl Laundry Rack that inspired me.

The Laundry Room isn't exactly gigantic, so that more space I could utilize the better!

You are going to need some tools and materials. (Here's What I used)

  1. Three 1/2 x 2” poplar boards ($5.90) or white board 8 Feet long ($2.67)
  2. Three 3/8” dowel rods (48” long) ($1.20 each)
  3. Sheetrock screw system ($2.41)
  4. White chain with small screw eyes (.68 cents)
  5. Primer and paint of your choice
  6. White Paneling with design of your choice. ($9.78)
  7. Framing Nails and Panel Board nails

- Drill with Bits ( 3/8th's needed for Dowels)
- Rubber Mallet
- Sander with 120 thru 220 Grit Paper
- Jigsaw or other cutting contraption (Ryobi Orbital Saw is $28.00 at Home Depot)
- Tape measure or ruler
- Hammer and Framing Nails
- Wood Filler (Elmer's is great)

Here is the Finished Product!

Tools you will need--

Building the Individual Racks

Rough Frame to double check Cuts and make any necessary changes

Pre-Finish - Awaiting more paint, panel to be secured, white chain and for me 
to finish painting the Laundry Room

On the Wall


  1. Such a great husband! It looks awesome!

  2. This is awesome. I'll be heading back here when I find some free time one of these days.

    1. It wasn't really time consuming, definitely a great Short term Project with great results!

  3. You're a genius! The Esquire model has a tiny laundry room just inside the garage that is big enough for the garage door to open, and the washer and dryer . . .that's it! This would be perfect, and I can put it beside the dryer so it doesn't impede foot traffic from the garage. Thanks!

    1. Glad I could Inspire! Best thing is you can customize it to your space. Good Luck on the project! Write me if you need guidance..

  4. That's so good! And you finished it! I never finish stuff. Well, some stuff I eventually finish. :)

    I have an antique drying rack waiting to be installed in my laundry room, or I'd be buying the stuff to start this project soon.