Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fall.. In Love with your house.

Figured I'd post a long overdue progress update on this rainy Pittsburgh Sunday.

I Love Fall... Growing up in the Hudson Valley, Apples and Leaves Changing seem to be ingrained in my DNA. So as I look out my back door, I'm at peace with the woods that meet our property.


I haven't taken pictures of the outside since the closing, so here they are..

There happened to be some cut Brick ... laying around..
I used it to line the pathway and it came out better than expected.

The Front with some rock outlining the landscaping.
With all this building there are many rocks everywhere..

The small wall of flat rock I built to enclose the mulch

Love the Fireplace.. soo warm on a cold day.
Window Treatments up as well..
Mirror above the Fireplace was a Project..

This is Verona Brick

Mirror was originally Black, 1 hour of sanding and stain later..

Mirror gets the approval of the Interior Designer (Megan)

Love the Natural Light, These are White Levelor Blinds (open)
Pottery Barn Chandelier

A look into the Country Kitchen .. PierOne High Chairs

My Aussie Murphy showing you the comfortable 
Living room Pottery Barn Rug 

Upstairs Foyer
Bedroom Below is the Left Door 
No Artwork yet ..
Queen-Sized Bed about 3 feet on each side
We love the Ferncliff Bedrooms, nice and spacious, one reason why we decided
on  the Ferncliff and instead of the Florence 
Bed Side table I found broken in trash and refinished


Hope your Autumn is going well whether you are building or after. ~J