Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The fun begins after you build.. One mans trash is another mans treasure

Ok.. before I begin.. Megan and I LOVE LOVE LOVE our house. RH did a great job and although we all have issues from time to time, the quality remains good and our expectations have been met.

For anyone going through the building process, I don't miss the stress and week by week unknowns that occur. Good Luck to those still building their dream and waiting.. endlessly waiting till that awesome, amazing, exciting day when it's all yours.

The Fun Begins AFTER you Build..

Home Ownership is everything I thought it would be, however like we say in my field..

"It's what ya don't know that will get you."

 I hope any information on this blog and other blogs is informative to the perspective RH buyer/builder.

SO.. Do you remember this picture from my last post.. I had huge runoff and water flowing into my yard from an undeveloped lot. and uneven soil placement.

White Water Rafting anyone??!?!

This had me concerned, as I had issues with drainage from Day ONE and I really love my Yard
I have a Huge Yard, I paid a premium for it..and I have dogs that love to run. I need a functional Yard
I don't need a swamp.

Like any issue, I spoke with the PM at the 30 day and we discussed options. Being adamant and polite
is always a great combination. I now have a fixed (hopefully) Yard

Mini Trench spanning my yard

Two Drains to be installed

 Installed.. you can see the Black bags to the right to help keep the water over there

More Dirt to level the basin I had plus new seed. 

The lesson is this: If I didn't ask for this, it wouldn't have gotten done. If something bothers you, it's better to speak your mind and communicate that to be complacent. 

Dumpster Diving - well with all these dumpsters around the neighborhood, I can't help but see what's inside..
 I'm not sure how frowned upon this is so I'll phrase it this way..
Items I noticed in the dumpster..
-30 foot aluminum ladder from dumpster (nothing wrong with it, I checked)
- various pieces of unused 2x4 
- unused bags of cement
- caulking
- various sizes of plywood
- I made this Planter for basil, parsley, rosemary etc
I since finished painting it, I'll place picture here tonight

Happy Diving..

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pain...T .. Projects and Honey Do lists..

Thought I'd post an update! Being a new homeowner is hard.. these past 8 weeks have been filled with a lot of fun but long hours and hard work!! 30 day inspection complete.. Lawn issues..

Important Items to work on..
-Interior decoration
-getting married, so everything that entails

I wanted to post the colors Megan picked for the great room. She really has an amazing eye!

This wall is called Seascape (Valspar) and is a great accent wall with the Fireplace.
It is surrounded on all sides by Roasted Garlic (Valspar)

This color is Pink Suede (Valspar) 
It really brings out the Golden Mascarello

 Before and After

The Dining Room is Roasted Garlic (light green)

Upstairs Master.. (Valspar SeaSpray)
 with new bed tables

Megan didn't like the old bed tables.. so I had to "fix" them


Bathroom is Riesling (Valspar)

 Side note with lawn..

It rained a lot!! Swimming Anyone??