Oliver - Goldendoodle

Oliver is a 6 Year Old Golden Retriever Standard Poodle mix or Goldendoodle.

We are currently battling a very Stubborn NST or Nerve Sheath Tumor . We have yet to give up.

Diagnosed in May 2011 on his lower right Forelimb currently we have done Radiation Therapy, Chemo-Therapy (Cisplatin) and Metranomic Chemo-Therapy. Original Tumor was Diagnosed a Grade 1 Peripheral NST without clean Margins. Radiation Therapy was administered Fall 2011 and Cancer returned a Grade 3, After Cisplatin bead treatment, Cancer still returned as a Grade 1 NST. Blood Work and X-Rays all come back negative until his last January check-up. There is a very tiny Speck that more than likely is a Met from the original tumor. We will be concerned with quality of his life from now on.

We will be Amputating this January 2013, with hopes of prolonging his life. Dogs can operate as Tripawds quite fine and we will be purchasing a nice Ruffwear and AST Harness for him.


May 14th is Oliver's 4 Month Ampuversary!

He's doing so well with three legs.

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