Thursday, April 26, 2012

A bit about Pre-Drywall and Closing..

Today is the day most of us wait for.. our first true inspection with the PM and a closing date.

We Started March 14th and we are closing June 8th. 
(We are building a Ferncliff, so considering the size difference, your house might take longer)

Thanks to other Ryan Blogs and doing some homework, the Pre-Drywall meeting went well. My best advice to  those waiting for this meeting.. Be Prepared. It's what you don't don't know that will get you. Something will be wrong, and that's ok! That's the purpose of the meeting. I've read blogs where people bash Ryan Homes and I just shake my head. Nothing is easy about building a house, keep your cool and follow-up on any issues.

Items we found that need to be addressed..

1) Electrical outlets in wrong places..We upgraded our Kitchen to a Country Kitchen, ( I recommend this if you are a cook and are getting a Ferncliff, however we opted to not get cabinets across the whole wall. The Electricians were looking at a different Country Kitchen and placed outlets chest high to the left of the pantry. No prob.. Easy Fix. 



2) Not really an "issue" but something to think about.. If you are getting data ports etc.. make sure you have outlets next to these Guardian feature coming out of your wall! I'm mounting a T.V. in the Bedroom and I wasn't happy with the height of the mount. 

Fire Place =)


Here is the back wall fireplace, it will be in Brick w/ White Mantle

Many apologies to future Ferncliff owners, they do not offer this selection anymore. It's either Side or Corner Fireplace in stone, slate, or granite I believe. (On a side note, the fireplace does jut out on the back of the house, so those wanting a flat wall on the back deck may have not liked this option)

 Looking out the Finished Basement..

We really love our choice to go with a window as well. Can't go wrong with extra light! (Just remember to get Guardian to put an alarm on windows in the basement ;-)
We went with a Three Piece Rough-in in the basement. We both like the idea of finishing a fourth bedroom down here one day and having a place to wash dogs when they get dirty.
I never thought I'd love a walkout basement, but I can't wait to build a patio.

Roof and Garage.

Carriage Doors look good, so does the Roof!

Friday, April 13, 2012

OK.. I'm a late blogger.. I'm starting with a Frame..

I'm amazed at quick things move. Once you have your hole dug and you have a foundation..

All of a sudden....

There is a house where the hole was and it feels pretty real.

I believe we are the Eighth house to go up in the community and it has been great fun seeing the other houses transform. I'm eager to see the Siding and Stone together. We have chosen Spanish Olive and my only hope the green isn't... too green. The Buckeye Stone looks wonderful, so no doubt about that..

... So I am taking this photo above from my back yard and although we did have to pay a Premium $$$ for this homesite.. it was worth every penny.. I have a good 80 Feet of back yard and step one is fencing it in for the Dogs! Below is our Australian Shepherd (Murphy) and Golden Doodle (Oliver)