Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Filling the house with awesome stuff..

With 7 days till pre-settlement and 9 days till closing, we are endlessly thinking about the multitude of items that will fill the house. With many items left to address you really need something to distract oneself..

Here is the Fridge.. KFIS25XVMS | KitchenAid 24.9 cu. ft. Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator |

I'm refinishing a Coffee and End Tables.. feel free to check out the Coffee Table Makeover

Here is the Frame in which the new bed will go in Potterybarn Sumatra Bed

{I will put more items in this space.. stay tuned..}

Some pictures of downstairs carpet..

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Starting to feel like a house..

I finished work early yesterday so that I could head to the house, perhaps catch my PM and have our regular Friday chat, perhaps see if the Stain issue was resolved (it wasn't yet). He wasn't there, no workers inside but the garage was open, so I thought I'd take a look..

That white thing in the garage on the left is my door molding freshly painted..

Also lots of stuff in and around the garage.. I have lights on the outside.

Here is a closeup of the light, I think it's nice. also here is the Buck-Eye stone.
It looks great with the Spanish Olive, it has hints of olive greens and the dull red is a good contrast.

Random socket outside the front door. 
Megan and I have been waiting to see the flooring we picked, here is a small peak at the Yorkshire Aubern
We have it throughout the whole First floor and it is stunning. Can't wait to post a better shot, I wasn't willing to lift up all the cover to get a shot. No other flooring is done.. it's been so long I forget the color of the carpet!

Finally... I noticed something on the outside of the house.. we did get a floodlight next to our window on the second floor, as our yard is long and would require some light for the dogs at night, umm..... I don't see it up there.. although my PM did say electrical did have it.. I"m hoping it's just covered up with siding.. =/

June 8th can't come quick enough!!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

A peak inside the fern..and two shades of stain..

Well after a week away from the 'burgh, Megan and I made a pilgrimage up to the house, meet a new neighbor and were lucky enough to be let inside by our PM who was in the neighborhood. A lot was done this week!

1) Painting almost completed
2) Kitchen Cabinets are in (Butterscotch)
3) Countertop is on ( Golden Mascarello)
4) Fireplace Brick is done.. awaiting mantel
5) Bathroom vanity and cabinets are in ( Maple Cognac)
6) Stone is completed in the front (Buck-eye)
7) Top-Soil laid

It's hard to really appreciate how nice these Butterscotch glazed cabinets are!

Close-up of the Golden Mascarello


View into the Greatroom, notice the Stain on the Banister..

 OK.. Look closely to the bottom of the banister..
 Let me help.. can you see it now?
I'll be sure to address the issue on Monday.

House is otherwise lovely and I couldn't be happier with the weekly progress.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

More Progress.... and a Hiccup..

I spoke with my PM today as I am going out of Town for 7+ days and wanted to get briefed on the progress and next weeks schedule. I was quite happy to hear Siding started today (I'm getting Spanish Olive) and proceeded to head to the house after work.

I took this Pic yesterday and I have a driveway..

Here is the completed front with shudders..

Workers busy at work...

Right side looks good..Check..
Left side looks good too.. Check..

Then I see this..

Now, I remember most every conversation I have and I've had multiple conversations about "Stone to Grade". I'm hoping this is an honest mistake as I was under the impression that the basement part was to be all stone. This looks like I'd get stone wrapping around the corner then siding the rest of the way.
Everyone else has stone or brick around the basement. Anyone else have this issue or seen anything like it?

I spoke with the guys who were busy at work in both English and Spanish (I'm pretty fluent) and they even described to me that yes there will be stone.. So I'll speak with the PM tomorrow and figure out what is up!

(UPDATE- Spoke with PM and we do have "Stone to Grade" and he will take care of the problem)

In other news.. Locked in my Mortgage Rate (3.75%)