Friday, December 28, 2012

House Blog to Life Blog..

Happy Holidays!!

Hope all you builders out there are managing well through the Winter Weather!!

I've been wanting to post a few projects up on the blog for awhile and add

our Wedding, Dogs, and more DIY's to a page. Enjoy!


Our Wedding

Next!! Awesome DIY Art Projects that will leave you amazed at the skill you didn't know you had!

DIY Pallet Art!
SO ... ya have a Pallet layin around do ya... pry those boards off cause you are gonna make some art.

One of my Christmas Presents to Megan this year was one of my favorite sayings..
"Every Love Story is Beautiful, but Ours is my Favorite"
Can't you see this on your wall! This is in our Bedroom,
I can even make this for you custom.. With your own saying.. Around $125 + Shipping.


DIY Wood Pictures..

I'll place a the "How To" in my DIY section and link here =>
Want something you can hang on a wall.. or place on a table.. or window sill..Check this out..

Use a Gel Medium to attach Picture..

After sitting over night.. Lightly scrub off paper with water.. then Mod Podge finished product.