Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring Project Fun! Ikea Hack!

Who is happy to be getting out of Winter Hibernation!?

I have a few projects I want to share over the next few posts. I often talk with fellow Ryan Homes builders and owners and I get the same frustrations from everyone with decorating and as I call it..

Getting out of the Stark!

I want to dedicate the next few posts to some Easy DIY ideas that will leave the Inside and Outside of your house a bit more bearable..

Project 1: Storm Door!

I won't post a step by step.. As the directions are pretty straight forward.. Soo a few pics..

I was encouraged as Ryan Homes seems to at least give you the BrickMold to do a Storm Door.
I had no issue doing this myself with a Drill and 3/32nd's bit

Pella Storm Door @ Lowe's - $319
Includes Screen Door easily changed out during warmer weather
I also recommend Weatherstripping  to seal any areas where cold air comes in.

Murph approves the Squirrel watching apparatus

Project 2: Ikea Shoe Cubbie Hack for Ryan Homes Ferncliff!

Regardless if you own a Ferncliff, a Rome, a Venice.. Florence.. Savoy etc.. etc.. 
We all look for ways to De-Ryanize our homes! (Thanks DW ;)

Megan and I wanted a way to optimize our entrance, but also make it functional.. all with a small amount of space.. Do we put a Bench? a wall unit to hang and store coats and shoes? Art?

Thanks to a few folks for the idea widely known as the Ikea Hack!
I definitely recommend you visit Hemnes Shoe Cabinet Hack
AND!! Original Idea from Scrap Hacker

DIY - HEMNES Shoe Cubbies 
Materials: 2 HEMNES Shoe cabinets, 2 wooden planks, sanding paper 80 grit thru 340 grit, Polyurathane
Drill and bits

 The design of the slim HEMNES shoe cabinet is perfect if you have a narrow to small entryway.

Each Hemnes is 42.1 inches wide and about 8 inches deep.. using two planks I made the depth 11 inches to give me a nice countertop.

Pardon the shot as I haven't hung anything on the wall yet! 

STEP 1: Start by removing original top boards of the HEMNES Shoe Cabinets. Push the cabinets together and secure the units into the wall.. then identify what top you want.

STEP 2OK so I decided to go with two boards..
Megan and I found two lovely aged boards at Construction Junction in Pittsburgh

STEP 2 Cont. - Take the time to sand the board appropriately. Going through the Grits helps make the board smooth as silk (You see I have Stripping, Smoothing, Finishing) and prepare to be finished with Polyurathane 

Optional STEP 2: Stain to match interior of house.. Left side is American Walnut by Rustoleon and Right is Golden Oak by Minwax (I didn't like either.)

STEP 3 - Measure, Measure, Measure!! I used the remaining Hardware from the Hemnes to attach the boards. I also attached metal braces to the underside of the boards to make the top more stable. 

Attached Board! with finished wood

STEP 4 - Find beautiful Hardware to replace crappy Ikea Knobs! (Ikea is Bottom Right)

FINISHED PRODUCT!!: If you were looking to save space and keep the lean and sleek design intact with functionality.. this is the unit for you. 

We all love walking through Ikea and seeing some neat design and pieces, however it can easily be made to reflect your flare for design or taste by adding to it. This Cubbie has a  function of shoe, glove and dog leash storage.. coupled with the aged and "Antique" look of our home.

Good Luck with your Ikea Hack!