Saturday, May 12, 2012

A peak inside the fern..and two shades of stain..

Well after a week away from the 'burgh, Megan and I made a pilgrimage up to the house, meet a new neighbor and were lucky enough to be let inside by our PM who was in the neighborhood. A lot was done this week!

1) Painting almost completed
2) Kitchen Cabinets are in (Butterscotch)
3) Countertop is on ( Golden Mascarello)
4) Fireplace Brick is done.. awaiting mantel
5) Bathroom vanity and cabinets are in ( Maple Cognac)
6) Stone is completed in the front (Buck-eye)
7) Top-Soil laid

It's hard to really appreciate how nice these Butterscotch glazed cabinets are!

Close-up of the Golden Mascarello


View into the Greatroom, notice the Stain on the Banister..

 OK.. Look closely to the bottom of the banister..
 Let me help.. can you see it now?
I'll be sure to address the issue on Monday.

House is otherwise lovely and I couldn't be happier with the weekly progress.


  1. we put in the same cabinets with similar counters. We could not be happier! Congrats.
    That round circle is the plug to cover the hardware they use to secure the post to the floor. If it's the plug that bothers you, you won't have much luck. BUT if it's the lighter color, I would think they can darken it up to match closer.

    1. Sgt.Rich - The plugs don't bother me at all, but I was a bit confused about the multi stain everywhere. The original color of stain we picked was Chestnut and is far lighter than the dark stain. I'm hardly phased as the PM continues to impress me with his ability to address and remedy issues we may have.

    2. Sounds like your PM will handle the stain and make sure it's a consistent color. I know the cherry stain we went with looked much better with two coats.

  2. Yeah, it seems like they should match the colors a little more there.

  3. WOW. How did they not notice that? You would think they would save themselves the labor by taking in more observations at the get go. I'm sure they will fix it. I'm glad that's your only flaw so far. It should be an easy fix.

  4. We complained about 2 different grains on our cabinet crown molding and even though we did get satisfaction, there is a clause in the paperwork that they are not required to replace "natural" materials because they are expected not to match. This case is ridiculous for them not to handle, but they do have an "out" if they really wanted to be crappy about it.

  5. Thanks for posting the pics! We chose similar colors in the kitchen (antique mascarello instead of golden) and it's nice to see kind of what they will look like!

  6. Alicia - You are going to LOVE your selection. Our cabinets will need to be adjusted and one needs to be replaced.. But we couldnt be happier