Thursday, May 3, 2012

More Progress.... and a Hiccup..

I spoke with my PM today as I am going out of Town for 7+ days and wanted to get briefed on the progress and next weeks schedule. I was quite happy to hear Siding started today (I'm getting Spanish Olive) and proceeded to head to the house after work.

I took this Pic yesterday and I have a driveway..

Here is the completed front with shudders..

Workers busy at work...

Right side looks good..Check..
Left side looks good too.. Check..

Then I see this..

Now, I remember most every conversation I have and I've had multiple conversations about "Stone to Grade". I'm hoping this is an honest mistake as I was under the impression that the basement part was to be all stone. This looks like I'd get stone wrapping around the corner then siding the rest of the way.
Everyone else has stone or brick around the basement. Anyone else have this issue or seen anything like it?

I spoke with the guys who were busy at work in both English and Spanish (I'm pretty fluent) and they even described to me that yes there will be stone.. So I'll speak with the PM tomorrow and figure out what is up!

(UPDATE- Spoke with PM and we do have "Stone to Grade" and he will take care of the problem)

In other news.. Locked in my Mortgage Rate (3.75%)


  1. Congrats on a great rate! Hope your PM is able to clear things up for you.

    1. Thanks Rachel. As of this morning it looks like things are cleared up. I think the best lesson is to just relax, never freak out and go through the appropriate channels to get things fixed.

  2. The houses in our development have brick to grade, and yes, the walk-out basements are brick over the foundation walls too. Good luck!

    And congrats on the rate!

    1. WJ- Thanks for the verification. I see the same thing in this development. I spoke with the PM and he immediately went to check.

      Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. It's looking great already!

    Your PM is like a genie in a bottle. Thank goodness there are more than three wishes with this one!

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