Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pain...T .. Projects and Honey Do lists..

Thought I'd post an update! Being a new homeowner is hard.. these past 8 weeks have been filled with a lot of fun but long hours and hard work!! 30 day inspection complete.. Lawn issues..

Important Items to work on..
-Interior decoration
-getting married, so everything that entails

I wanted to post the colors Megan picked for the great room. She really has an amazing eye!

This wall is called Seascape (Valspar) and is a great accent wall with the Fireplace.
It is surrounded on all sides by Roasted Garlic (Valspar)

This color is Pink Suede (Valspar) 
It really brings out the Golden Mascarello

 Before and After

The Dining Room is Roasted Garlic (light green)

Upstairs Master.. (Valspar SeaSpray)
 with new bed tables

Megan didn't like the old bed tables.. so I had to "fix" them


Bathroom is Riesling (Valspar)

 Side note with lawn..

It rained a lot!! Swimming Anyone??


  1. I really love your paint choices. Are you worried about having to touch up if there are nail pops or cracks?

    1. Shane - Thanks for lovin the colors, I feel like I'm living in a Pottery Barn ad..

      Not really worried, my drywall was screwed which is a plus, I don't expect too many nail pops. havn't seen one yet! Cracking might occur, hopefully around the door frames and that's it but I'll have to cross some fingers and elbows.. living in this place and not having color on the wall is unrealistic for me.. I'll fix things I need to should they occur.

  2. looks like you guys are doing a great job decorating

    1. J&L - Many thanks, it's slow going however.. but fun!

      BTW - Here is the handyman I was talking about for Fence Installation..
      Ganchuk's Handyman Service
      Douglas Ganchuk - (724)926-8451 (724)986-0450

  3. I love the paint colors! Especially the Seaspray!

  4. OMG it looks incredible!!!! Send Megan down the street to help me pick colors lol. She really does have an eye for it!
    So is the foyer and upstairs hallway the roasted garlic color?
    I like the idea of doing an accent color on the fire place wall like that... I'm just not sure which colors to go with and how to make them all coordinate- guess I'll be going back Sherwin Willimas tomorrow!
    I think we have decided to try and paint ourselves. I said we would give it a try and if it looks like total garbage then we will just get it professionally painted at the year mark after the nail pops have been fixed. Lol say prayers for us cause we will need it :oP

    1. K - I'm glad you like the colors, I know you are thinking about similar ones, so you'll be great!

      I think you'll be fine painting.. get lotsa blue tape and tarps and use samples! Also if you aren't comfortable edging by hand you can get an edging tool and it works great.
      (Little red tool with wheels on one side)

      Foyer and upstairs is the Riesling(light yellow) that I put in the master bathroom (I'll take a picture for ya)
      It was difficult to figure out where roasted Garlic would end and where Riesling would begin.

      Accent wall happened because we liked too many colors and we both were unwilling to give up one.. just happened that the fireplace is the focal point and compliments something like an accent wall.

    2. Thats what I'm having a huge issue with! I can't decide where to break up the color from the upstairs hall to the foyer. I thought that I would just make it all one color, but I'd have to find one I REALLLY like to paint that much of the house that one color.

  5. Yay, another white kitchen! Our project manager said that our white kitchen was the first one that he has ever put in. Everything looks great!

    1. It was a must and we love it. I'm hope you are loving yours. Personally, I never liked a darker kitchen and grew up with white kitchens. Before we did our build we were looking at houses and every house we would see I would cringe if the kitchen wasn't white and I would have to redo it.. I love to cook and spend a lot of time there.. it has to function AND be aesthetically pleasing!

    2. You husband did a great job refinishing the cabinets--I like the color! Great job on getting your house painted which I prefer too; however I will only paint some of the house. Our SR said the same to us that we were the first to pick the butterscotch in our community. She looked at me in amazement when I told her my color choice, it was pretty funny. I was clear about the color I wanted for my lkichen!

  6. Impressive! You two area a great team! I love your beautiful cabinets. I never would have guessed at the color in the kitchen, but it works wonderfully. You two should just make the short drive to my house and tell me what to do!

    I'm okay with the wall color Ryan uses, but I want to paint the bathrooms and the half wall.

    1. Tammi - I don't believe you when you say you don't know what to do! You visit Miss Mustard Seed and I'm sure a few other sites like Dear Lillie and you will find the color you want.. That Railroad Cabinet is AWESOME!! I'm Jealous..

      My advice - Megan and I see our house in a landscape, identify what type of feeling you want and go from their. We think of it as Warm, Cool, Bright, Subdued

      We wanted a relaxed cottage feel and we wanted light tones but not pastel.. anything too dark downstairs was dismissed.