Monday, June 4, 2012

Almost There..

On Wednesday, we have the "Walk-Through".. we have a list of items to address but are confident nothing too demanding..

*A note about NVR Mortgage - Our Loan Officer has been great with Communication and other items when contact was needed, she has been patient with my questions and helpful through this whole process, There have been other folks that have tried my patience and make me wonder exactly what they consider good customer service to be? No details here, sorry.. 'nuff said..I'm Closing Friday and have no idea about funds needed to close yet, outside of the last GFE, that makes me slightly nervous..*

OK, so here are some pics of the inside and out..

Stone was finished today, and I'm interested in seeing how they finish grading our small slope here.

 Back of the house.. (You can't see but they addressed my Floodlight.. err rather lack of one prior..)
 They painted the door and put the finishing trim on today.. Lightpost and top of mailbox also..
 Busy at work, but a better shot of the detail.

They took the paper off the floor and although dirty, was really great to see the hardwood.

 A well picked wall color will make this Fireplace stand out!

 Hello Kitchen.. I will cook many things in you.

Pedestal Sink downstairs powder room

OK Here is the Question to all you folks!!! Look at the backsplash and sidesplash on this High Definition Laminate, what do you think? I think the Sidesplash (if ya even call it that) looks ugly and it's not very contoured. I think we want it gone.. 


  1. I had seen a picture of someone else's laminate with the side splash and didn't like it at all. I immediately called my PM and asked if there was anything we could do. He promised to try to avoid using them and was successful. I really don't like how they don't match the contour if the counter. I'm glad someone else agrees :). Your house looks great. I hear ya on NVR. Lived our loan officer but the person collecting our documentation was a nightmare to deal with. It will be over soon and you can just enjoy you beautiful home.

    1. Rachel - We had been thinking about it for awhile, and after I saw your post on Stuarts blog, I realized how much it does bother me. It just looks unfinished.
      Thanks for the Warm Wishes

  2. It looks fabulous! I LOVE your flooring and the decorative frame around the door. So excited for you guys and can't wait until we are neighbors!

  3. Awesome! Everything looks great from the stone and trim outside to the floors and fireplace inside.

    And yes, the side splash does look a little unfinished.

    Good luck with closing!

    1. WJ - Glad you agree about the splash too, that makes four of us!

  4. I love it! So cute in so many ways!